The Forces Driving BEB Capital

New York based BEB Capital leverages a team with a diverse skill set to create and implement a focused and disciplined approach to real estate investments while maintaining its entrepreneurial roots. Our real estate portfolio features diverse asset classes in established and emerging markets throughout the East Coast. We attribute our growth and success directly to our key characteristics

  • Core competency, leveraging intergenerational experience to thoughtfully develop, efficiently operate and prudently invest in commercial and residential assets
  • Management team, balancing entrepreneurial creativity as well as institutional grade investing
  • Reputation as a fully integrated real estate firm delivering first-class service to both partners, lenders and vendors
  • Investment strategy: targeting dynamic and evolving submarkets with either income-producing or value-add assets
  • Strategic partnerships: investing in forward thinking companies adding portfolio diversity
  • Commitment to emerging markets by creating value for our investors as well as improving the community

An Exceptional Track Record

BEB Capital’s exceptional track record speaks volumes to our core competencies. Our entrepreneurship has allowed us to create value by completing multifamily conversations/redevelopments, acquiring and operating a several million square foot institutional grade portfolio of industrial and commercial assets, while executing countless single family home subdivisions.

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BEB Capital dedicated decades to leveraging all aspects of real estate value add investment and development — from the construction to the operational management of commercial, residential and hospitality assets. We harness extensive experience in real estate investment including in-house asset and property management, risk control and investor relations, acquisitions and finance, accounting and reporting. BEB Capital’s vast and versatile real estate portfolio includes strategic investments in assets throughout the New York City metro area as well as markets such as Rockville Maryland, Burlington Vermont, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Greensboro North Carolina and Miami Beach Florida.

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Given its entrepreneurial roots, BEB Capital owns and operates a diverse set of businesses. We have long standing partnerships with which we leverage our core competency with our partners to create successful ventures.

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Strategic Partners

BEB Capital owns and operates a diverse set of businesses on a limited partner basis, enabling diversity amongst its investment portfolio. We enter mutually beneficial partnerships with institutions and investors driven to improve the community give back and create significant value.

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