BEB Capital, Rockpoint Target Northeast Industrial with JV: Connect New York & Tri-State Hub

Connect New York & Tri-State Hub reports that BEB Capital has launched a programmatic joint venture with private equity firm Rockpoint Group. The JV will target an investment pipeline of up to $1 billion of industrial assets in the Northeast, with a primary focus on Long Island.

The article quotes BEB CEO Lee J. Bert Brodsky, who notes that “The U.S. industrial and last-mile logistics sector continues to be red-hot, and with the growth of e-commerce accelerating during the pandemic, we expect there to be continued strong demand in this asset class. Together with Rockpoint, an institutional partner that aligns with our entrepreneurial values and market outlook, we’re poised to continue to grow a value-add portfolio that will capitalize on the economic tailwinds driving the real estate industry and broader economy forward.”

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